• The camp has been hand crafter, using natural materials from the surrounding areas, The camp was specifically designed to blend with the natural surroundings and emphasis the local areas heritage and culture.
  • All the stones used in building are natural rouge stones  
  • We used a unique blend of waste materials and natural palm sticks to build our camp and to ensure the most sustainable and environmentally friendly camp.
    Adhering to our ecofriendly standards, all our lights are low carbon print.
  • We pride ourselves in our water standards, we use special purifying systems to convert salt water into fresh water for the camps use.
  • Our fresh water is stored underground for your convenience to ensure that you have the best water temperatures for your enjoyment.

  • All the plants are watered by ecofriendly irrigation system.
  • We have certified Solar water heaters with the capacity of 1200 litters, we ensure that all our guests will be able to have a hot shower in any of our 17 units.
  • We ensure that all waste water system is treated in an ecofriendly treatment station in order to be reused for our irrigation use.
  • When eating organic, we ensure all our home-grown organic foods are treated organically from the start to the end, we use only organic fertilizer for the highest quality.
  • We pride ourselves in the variety of trees we have available, our fruit bearing trees: fig, sour orange, sweet orange, papaya, banana, lemon and moringh trees are used to provide you with not only a healthy supply of fresh fruit throughout your stay but also in our home-made healthy teas and soups.

  • For the first time in the middle east, we exclusively imported Patent ecofriendly trees just for our Camp!
  • When you thought our fruit trees weren’t enough, our vegetable garden is here to provide you with all your vegetable needs. From Peppermint, wailed thyme, Italian Basil, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Green peppers, Eggplant, Zucchini, pumpkin and onions all grown to tantalize your taste buds – plants are subject to season.
  • All our units are built with natural wood and canvas to encourage your peace of mind.
  • Certified anti-bacteria bedsheets and covers are exclusively imported for the retreat camp for the first time in the middle east
  • All furniture is made with mixture wood and natural raw martial exclusively designed and fabricated for the retreat camp

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